Counting PL and Shrimp Using Your Phone - It's Accurate

One challenge some of us in shrimp farming face is rapidly counting your PL or shrimp to get a size count or weight estimate. This is especially difficult when transferring shrimp because you need to move fast. I recently discovered an app which can do a rapid count of an image of shrimp or PL with reasonable accuracy. The app is called CountThings (links to the app below).

Here's how it works:

First you need to pick a counting template from the catalogue - they happen to have a shrimp template:

Once you've selected the template you can select an existing photo or take a new one:

After selecting or taking your photo, you get a new screen with a few options at the bottom to prepare your image for the count. For example, you can segregate areas for inclusion or exclusion, you can crop the image, etc, or just use it as is. I was counting PL, I selected the Tools-Object Size-Small. You can add a measurement in there if you used a ruler, in this case I just wanted a count. After your preparation, press the Count button and it runs the algorithm.

This is the result I got - it counted 37 PL:

I noticed a few were missing so to evaluate the accuracy, I pressed Adjust-Add Tags and then added a few tags of the missed PL. The original count was 37 and I tagged an additional 3 so the accuracy was 92.5% which is quite good considering it took maybe a minute or two to get these results. Here's the final result (yellow tags were the manual ones):

It's not perfect but if you want a quick count - it's a fast and reasonably accurate option.

Links to the app below.

iOS Devices (iPhone, iPad)

Android Phones & Tablets

Huawei Phones & Tablets

Samsung Phones & Tablets


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