Advantages of extruded vs. pelleted aquafeeds

Will we see gradual replacement of pelleted feeds to extruded feeds for shrimp in the near future?

What is your preference??


  • In my opinion, apart from the technical advantages, plant investment cost and operation cost will be a determining factor as well. Also I have seen regional differences where in Asia pelleted seems to be more common and in South America I saw more extruder technology. What are your experience?

  • Agree @Dominique, ultimately plant investment will be driven by operating margins. It would be interesting to know if the extrusion process can reduce feed manufacturing inputs costs and improve production margins for the operators? This should determine the speed of plant investment. Also, if extruded feeds improve protein, carbohydrate and amino acid digestibility increasing shrimp survival and weight gain, as well as greater feed efficiency this will help offset any increased cost base for the farmer.

  • The main difference between Asian and Southamerican shrimp feedmills was the grinding. While most Asian shrimp feedmills used wheat flour as starch source and pulvrisoing to finegrind raw materials, Southamerican shrimp feedmills used wheat and a hammer mill, plus synthetic binders. Using an extruder has a big advantage of a better mixing of raw materials, and this has much higher impact on quality of the pellet when a hammermill was used. So if you compare Southamerican shrimp feed on an extruder compared to pelletisor, I would certinaly agree that extrusion is better, But I am not to sure if you will notice the same difference when raw materials are pulverised and a postconditioner is used after pelleting.

  • Thanks @EricDeMuylder for your insights. Why would Southamerican shrimp feedmillers use wheat? I would assume using only dark flour as a side product from the flour mill would be much cheaper, isn't it.

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